Finn, Grief, Infant Loss, Stillbirth

After waiting over two years to find we were expecting our much anticipated second baby, it seemed as though the hardest part was over. We had a seemingly normal pregnancy and healthy baby and were just counting down the days until we could meet him. Amidst the shock of discovering he was no longer alive, the excitement to bring this little person into the world, to see his face and features, to hold him and feel his little fingers wrapped around ours, to look at him and know we are forever changed because he exists, still remained. Saying hello while also saying goodbye is tough when we thought we would have a lifetime of memories. Bringing our son home in bronze cube instead of a car seat certainly wasn’t the plan. We are living in an alternate reality and figuring out how to move forward day by day with the help of God and our family and friends. I can only hope that we can do so in such a way to honor the memory of our son Finn.

Finn's Feet