2016… In ways I am ready to say good riddance to this year of the worst that has ever happened in my life. Its pain has been like no other. In other ways, I want to cling tightly to the year that brought me one of the best happenings of my life, my second child. This is the year I got to hold my baby, touch him, and kiss him. No other year of my life will ever contain those unique experiences again. In the true nature of time on earth, all lives will eventually come to an end, and so will months and years. I never want to forget the good or the bad. It is true that both shape who we are, and remembering the sorrow heightens the joy in contrast. I can’t carry my son physically into this new year, but I will carry memories of him and grief over him into each and every new year, and that’s ok. Grief is love, and grief is unending because love is unending. He will always be my child and part of me. He will influence my decisions and perspective in every day of every year that comes and brings me closer to being with him again. Tonight I am lucky enough to get to bring in the new year with my amazing hubby Phillip, my lovable little boy Jaxton, and our dear friends. This year certainly has not been void of all happiness, but I do hope and pray for a new year without the traumas of this year, for my little family and everyone else. I know that regardless of what lies ahead, God is with us in every circumstance and it is in Him I put my hope. Wishing you all a new year full of God’s peace and blessings.

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