I wanted THAT baby

Several times now I’ve had people tell me I will have another baby. I know they mean well, but it’s not comforting for a few reasons, the main ones being a new baby can’t replace Finn, and nobody can actually know with absolute certainty if we will be able to have another baby. We are certainly hopeful, and we are trying, but there are no guarantees when dealing with infertility. Both of our sons were what most people would call “planned”, but each was an unexpected surprise after numerous months of disappointment. It’s easier for me to accept the reality that there might not be a rainbow baby and be surprised if there is, than live with the false hope that I am guaranteed another baby just because I want one. It would be great if it worked that way, but this is life and it isn’t fair.

If we do have another pregnancy, the odds are in our favor that it would a healthy uneventful pregnancy, but I’ve lost any remaining naivety regarding pregnancy. I know there is no “safe zone” in pregnancy when I will be guaranteed to take home a healthy, live baby. I know the numerous things that could go wrong at any given point. Fear and anxiety will be constant. So if you want to encourage me, tell me you hope I will have a sibling for Jaxton and Finn, and please pray that it will happen for us. I don’t mind if you ask how I’m doing or how the journey is going if you want to know, I’m usually an open book, but please don’t word it with expectation, like “are you pregnant yet?”.

Thank you all for the support and prayer you’ve given us this year. Through these struggles we have seldom felt alone and we are grateful for every one of you. ♡

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