Infertility Awareness Week

Not only do we represent the 1 in 4 statistic for pregnancy loss, we also represent the 1 in 8 couples that have experienced infertility and secondary infertility. In some cases the pregnancy loss(es) can be related to the cause of infertility, but in our case it likely is not related. Infertility also causes a form of grief, a grief over the inability to get pregnant easily. Sometimes as in our case, the cause of the infertility is not clear. It can impact younger couples as well as healthy people. For us, it took over a year for the first pregnancy and over two years and medical assistance for the second pregnancy to happen.

I wish it could be easy for us. I wish the process of growing our family could just fall into place for us. Future pregnancies are not a given for us; each time, we don’t know if we’ll ever have another baby.

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